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Clear your mind, raise your frequency and uplift the energy in your space with the scent of these Peruvian Palo Santo sacred sticks. Palo Santo has been used in shamanic rituals to relieve negative or stuck energy for hundreds of years. An uplifting alternative to sage, it deeply encourages clarity of thinking. 

The mystical and sacred properties of Palo Santo are created through an alchemical process. This begins as soon as the tree or branch dies by natural causes. Then, it has to rest for 10 more years before it is processed to ensure that it's medicinal, healing and aromatic properties are developed.

This Palo Santo wood was harvested sustainably from a tree that died naturally and a new tree was planted in its place. The wood was harvested and cut by hand. It was then steam cleansed and can also be used as a healing tea.

Palo Santo has a masculine energy and its smell is reminiscent of a temple, with notes of pine and lemon.


Light the tip until it has caught the flame, then gently waft the flame out as you would with an incense stick - let it smoke as it gently burns down. Light it again if it goes out. For space clearing simply allow the smoke to move around the whole space. For tea, cut and boil a small piece for 15 minutes, sieve, add honey and drink at night.

-Ethically sourced from a licensed plantation, each stick is approximatley 10cm long

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