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About STIL Lifestyle

I set up STIL Lifestyle in 2013 with the aim of creating a peaceful and beautiful space where women ( and men!* ) can shop clothing, beauty, home and gifts*. 

If a brand is available in STIL, it will have been tried and tested to ensure it's quality, beauty and suitability. We want all our customers to be delighted with their purchases and most certainly with the service that they have received. 

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the business and we operate a generous STIL Loyalty Scheme for both our in-store and our on-line customers.

I feel that loyalty works both ways and without our regular customers a physical store would not be possible.

Our long term goal for STIL is to keep sourcing interesting and unique products  thus improving the store all the time. Combining with this a continued strengthening of our Web presence and reaching further afield thus spreading the STIL Lifestyle experience!

The STIL experience? A miniature luxury department store... pick up a blouse or a pair of jeans, perhaps some Activewear, add to it a candle, some Shiva Rose Body Butter and oh yes, not forgetting the very thing that you came in for... a small dinner party hostess gift for the evening ahead! 

We look forward to welcoming you, Sulaika.