Once reserved only for the bohemian - and those a little 'out there', crystals have now become ubiquitous. Today, the notion of having a crystal reading is fairly run of the mill. With the pressures of modern day living, we want to tap into our inner power, learn to heal ourselves and explore the power of crystals. Crystals are said to work to harmonise, to restore energy, to strengthen, calm us and also to focus our minds.

At the heart of this new crystal culture is a genuine belief that crystals contain energising and healing properties. There is little scientific evidence to back this idea up it must be said but crystals are said to have a unique vibration that tunes into our own body's chemistry.

Akin to White Sage or tuning forks, crystals are said to bring our energy back into balance. When we are happy, we emit high vibrations, and when we are feeling down, we emit low-energy vibrations. Energy is constantly flowing and changeable so it is said that we can use crystals to help change our energy and align ourselves better with how we want to feel.

In the modern world, crystals can help to remind us how to connect with ourselves and the ancient wisdom of the Earth. The crystals we offer at Stil are sourced by Jia Jia. She believes that crystals serve as a vessel of energy ready to come through to support the intentions of the beholder. Jia Jia crystals are in their purest possible form with natural clarity, shapes, and terminations. Sourced ethically and globally with intention, great care and education of where they come from, the mineral curation process begins intuitively with Jia Jia making an energetic connection with each crystal. The crystals are then studied for their own unique beauty and characteristics before going through an ancient purification process to reset and detox them from unwanted energies that may have been picked up over time.

Here we have chosen our three core crystals for your wellbeing;

Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz is said to hold the full spectrum of colour within it. The most abundant crystal on the planet, it is believed to amplify the effects of other crystals and it is said to clear stagnant energy. Simply hold your clear quartz, focus and concentrate on your desired action, feeling or outcome. Clear quartz is said to aid memory, hone concentration, and bring your whole being back into balance. Place your clear quartz in your study or alongside another crystal.

Amethyst - This rich violet stone is said to help you unplug from unhealthy attachments. It is also said to powerfully cleanse your body, mind and aura from negative energies. Believed to have protective powers, place your Amethyst on your bedside table.

Smoky Quartz - Believed to be a 'master grounding stone', the smoky quartz has beautiful contrasts of color within it and is said to rid your space of negative energy and it works hard to identify and neutralize electromagnetic energies that surround us in the modern world. They say that this stone has the power to lift negative feelings associated to fear and anxiety, thus bringing us back to our true essence of emotional calmness and joy. Place your smoky quartz close to you.