If ever there was a time to establish healthy, stress minimizing practices, it is NOW.  Here are a few simple rituals to introduce in to your daily routine where you can, so you can find a little inner peace to help with your outer calm.


Set The Mood  

Solitude, Silence, Self-care


Setting the mood, or intention for the day is one of the simplest ways start your day with a positive and calm mindset, we recommend that you get-up 30 minutes before the rest of the house so you can have a little solitude before the day truly begins. Grab a mat or a pillow and spend 15 minutes just with your breath or if you prefer, start with a gentle morning yoga practice. We like to dab aroma therapy oil on our temples and neck and practice oil pulling whilst we sit. Try swapping your early morning coffee for the slower longer lasting caffeine release of green tea  (don't worry you can still have a coffee later). Establish a start of day routine that suits your lifestyle and you will soon reap the benefits. 
Oil pulling draws out toxins, freshens breath and whitens teeth from the first use. The mint and clove flavour is as pleasing as it is refreshing.


Calm the mind  

Meditation, Scent, Space, 

Meditation can have far-reaching and long-lasting benefits - particularly when it comes to lowering our stress levels. Connect better, focus better and be kinder to yourself. Light some sage or Palo Santo and connect with yourself.

Traditionally dried sage is burned as a way to heal, protect, increase wisdom, and boost defence against disease.


Nurture the Body

Movement, bathing, Touch

Factor in some kind of physical exercise each day, it might be a session at the gym, a run, a swim, or simply a brisk walk to collect the kids from school (Pandemic aside…), choose something that works for your lifestyle & routine and can easily be maintained. Take a long soak in the evening with bath salts or beautifully scented oils. Slather on a favourite body oil or cream, use an organic pillow spray and enjoy the therapeutic scents as you drift off to sleep.


Feed the Soul

Reading, Journalling, Nature

Remember to look after the intangible you too. Make time to enjoy the natural world around you with long countryside walks or time spent in your garden observing the changing seasons. Carve out some time to read a  book, or listen to your favourite music. If you find you have too much on your mind to enjoy these activities, try journaling as a way of emptying your mind to create new space. Light a candle or incense and fill the room with calming scents and B R E A T H.