Q&A with Susanne Kaufmann



Born and raised in the Bregenzer Forest – Susanne Kaufmann has harnessed centuries-old wisdom passed down from generation to generation, to create a results orientated and scientifically - proven exceptional range of natural skin and body care that promotes a powerful sense of wellbeing. Susanne lives in Bezau with her husband Alfred and their two children.



STIL: Susanne, your brand is famed for it's simple and natural approach to everyday beauty, can you describe for us your own daily beauty and wellness routine?

SK: In the morning I use the Cleansing Milk then the Tonic Soothing to get my face clean before I apply the Eye Cream Line A followed by our advanced Anti- Aging Day Cream. Under the day cream I apply our Hyaluron Serum – it supports the skin cells in retaining moisture. With the body care I always find my personal favorite of the day. The Body Butter when I have really dry skin, one of our oils when I need more nourishing care or something refreshing with a gel. I love the fact that our products are tailor-made for all skin problems.


STIL: The majority of the herbs and plants used in your products are grown in the garden at your Spa, can you tell us about the garden, and if you don't have certain ingredients from where do you source them?

SK: It is really important for us to get the ingredients for the products in Bregenzerwald. The reason why we try to get as many ingredients as possible from the local area is to avoid long transportation routes. This covers also our sourcing for the packaging. We are proud that we get everything from a maximum distance of 500 km around us.


STIL: Do you follow a specific diet?

SK: No, I don’t. To eat healthy and fresh food is really important for the whole organism, both inside and out. I like to eat food from local producers and seasonal vegetables, like beetroot (good for the skin and supports detoxifying), salsify (perfect for a healthy intestinal flora and metabolism), winter salads and herbs. Regarding seasonal fruits I recommend pears during winter. Pear is low in fat, rich in vitamins and it’s a big supporter when it comes to moisturizing. I prepare a warm pear compote in the morning – it moistenes the skin from the inside during the day. If you eat good, nutritious food, you feel better and therefore you look better. It’s a holistic lifestyle.


STIL: Do you have a favourite beauty treatment?

SK: Yes, our Bespoke Rejuvenating Facial. We created this in 2018 for the 15 years of the brand Jubilee. It brings together all the experience that we have collected in the last 15 years in our spa and combines this with the work we do with our dermatologist. With this treatment we are offering a highly effective alternative approach to skin health, by combining functional herbal complexes with fascia massage influenced by the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Harnessing our 15 years’ experience, this facial is individually crafted and personalized to effectively target all signs of aging while addressing the harmful effects of environmental pollution on the skin. Employing lymphatic drainage and proprietary connective tissue massage techniques, the facial includes an enzyme peel and treatment with our innovative Vitamin C, Ectoine and Q10 complexes. The microcirculation is improved, collagen production stimulated and natural rejuvenation mechanisms are accelerated to reveal beautiful healthy skin with a youthful radiant appearance. The treatment includes a 12-day course of aftercare ampoules to amplify the effects of the treatment (the client buys a box with 15 ampoules with the treatment and we use 3 in the treatment, the 12 left can be taken home).


STIL: What about exfoliation? What are your thoughts on it?

SK: I think it's important deepening on your skin type. But you shouldn’t over do it. Our enzyme peel I do once a week.

STIL: How do you view the now popular botox, fillers and electronic facials?

SK: For me beauty is something holistic and also an attitude. By holistic I mean what I eat, how I move, which treatments I have and which products I use. By attitude, I mean, how do I define beauty, am I content with myself, do I want to be something that I am not. Anyone can have the fillers, botox etc but I think that at first you should deal with why you want them.


STIL: What beauty product could you never travel without?

SK: Tough question! I really love the Moisturizing Spray Harmonizing against dry skin and as a refresh in-between. Also, the Eye Cream Line A and our Handspray Purifify Sanitizing.


STIL: How do you ensure that you look good after a long-haul flight?

SK: My doctor Dr. Med. Brigitte Klett, who also runs the TCM Retreats at Hotel Post Bezau, gives me a TCM soothing and sleeping tea in a bag. In the plane I order only hot water and add this. The Susanne Kaufmann Pillow Spray I use shortly before I sleep. A couple of splashes are enough for a pleasant smell on the plane, where I can relax better. In addition, proper sleep is especially important on long-haul flights. Light, fresh food and definitely not too much.


STIL: Do you take any supplements and if so what?

SK: I feel the best when I limit my intake of carbs and sugar. I don’t take a lot of supplements, only alkalizing powders from time to time.


STIL: Can you share with us your top wellness tips?

SK: A good daily routine; taking time to eat well and getting enough sleep. And create basic mileu: A lot of people constantly increase the hyperacidity of the body. This is so bad for body and skin, because in an acidic environment bacterias grow so much better. Due to this it is so important to neutralise the ph value and recreate a basic mileu. For this I love to drink our acid alkalizing tea or alkali water. From the outside I recommend baths with our alkali salt deacidifying, peelings and cleansing with alkali water.


STIL: Who are your beauty icons and why?

SK: My mother and grandmother. I am very grateful to share my life with these two passionate and beautiful women.


STIL: What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

SK: The best thing about my job is creating a treatment or product and seeing immediate results.


STIL: How do you see the future of Suzanne Kaufmann? Do you have further products in the pipeline or perhaps another Spa?

SK: On our agenda is the next big step: Australia! We start working with Mecca at the beginning of the year and also New York and some European capitals. We are launching some exciting products this year. The next will be a Rose Water Spray for the face.


STIL: What is your favourite food?

SK: Everything from my husband Alfred. He is an excellent cook.


STIL: Do you drink and if so what is your drink of choice?

SK: I try to not restrict myself too much. When we have dinner  I really enjoy having a glass of excellent wine.

My favorite healthy drink is a homemade ginger shot. Nothing helps better against an upcoming flue, a lack of energy and a dull complexion than a freshly pressed ginger with lemon. For the body I love to apply our Detox Oil, which helps the skin to detoxify and gives the tissues new elasticity.


STIL: If you were to be marooned on a desert island with one beauty product which would it be?!

SK: I swear by our Eye Cream Line A, it’s one of my favourite products. Use eye cream daily because the first impression of a person is always reflected through their eyes. I sometimes use the eye cream Line A as a mask and put a thick layer around my eyes. It is a wonder weapon – you will look fresh and well rested the next day.


STIL: What is the best advice you have ever been given?

SK: Take time off. You need to take time for yourself, for your family and friends.


STIL: A beauty tip for STIL customers?

SK: The same: It’s the best advice ever given to me: Take time off. You need to take time for yourself, for your family and friends.


Susanne exudes natural flawless beauty. What better brand ambassador than herself. Thank you Susanne.