Having married into one of Europe’s oldest banking dynasties, Loretta Victoria Rothschild has kindly allowed us a glimpse into her very private life. In this exclusive interview, we chat with Loretta about beauty, fashion, health, fitness and everyday life. Loretta lives with her husband Nat. 

STIL: Loretta, you spend a lot of time travelling, and keep homes on several continents. What products are essential for looking and feeling fresh on long haul flights?

LVR: Always a moisturiser. I apply moisturizer throughout a flight, probably 6 or 7 times. I learnt a trick from Linda Ross who does my facials in L.A., she told me to put the moisturiser on with water. So, wet your face and then apply the moisturizer. I've never looked back. It soaks in so easily and it feels much nicer on your skin. 

STIL: Susanne Kaufmann is one of your favourite beauty brands. Which is of her products do you champion and why?

LVR: Definitely the bath oil! Actually you gave it to me as a wedding present. I adore it. I am a real bath person. I used to use her bubble bath but since I've had the oil I can't have a bath without it.

STIL: You are a connoisseur of beautiful clothes and very much enjoy boutique shopping. How do you feel about the online vs in-store shopping experience?

LVR: I will always be a high street shopper for as long as I am able to be. But in L.A. shopping online has become essential. At first I struggled with it, but now I have really come to enjoy it. I love things being shown and styled in a normal way. I used to find going into designers’ stores quite hard to navigate and found it difficult to incorporate the clothing into everyday outfits. Online shopping sort of 'normalizes' the more expensive brands and makes them accessible in a way that, to me, they weren't before. What I love about shopping online from Stil is that I can still support the great British high street from wherever I am in the world.

STIL: Loretta, you introduced me to Shiva Rose. Can you tell us why you love their Body Butter so much?

LVR: Ah! I am so into this! You've just reminded me I actually need to buy more. I bought it just by chance in a shop in L.A. that specializes in toxin-free natural products. I don't usually love rose as an all over body scent but this is subtle. This will sound odd but I'm slightly obsessed by the way it sounds, it's almost crunchy in texture and then as it warms up in your hands it turns into an oil.

STIL: You are very much an advocate of natural food and beauty. Which quick and easy meal do you most enjoy cooking at home?

LVR: In L.A. it's always a huge green salad with Japanese tomatoes from our local farmer's market, Persian cucumbers, goat's cheese and jalapeño peppers all mixed together in a big bowl with lots of dressing. I always use a really good extra virgin olive oil and lots of white balsamic. It's less harsh than dark balsamic and adds a sweetness to the tomatoes.

STIL: What's your favourite breakfast to kickstart the day?

LVR: I have the same breakfast every single day! Two boiled eggs with soldiers, lashings of butter and I must have Maldon sea salt on the side.

STIL: Perfect skin requires a healthy diet, which foods do you value in your daily diet and which do you avoid? 
LVR: Lots of fish. We eat lots of great sushi and I try and cook healthy at home because we have access to such yummy fresh food. But we love food so everything in moderation.
STIL: You love Juicing and Smoothies, can you share with us a favourite recipe?
LVR: I do love a smoothie if I don’t have time to make breakfast. I don’t like smoothies thick, I make them quite runny. 
2 cups coconut water (fresh - harmless harvest if possible)
3 chunks frozen pineapple
Açai powder heaped tea spoon
Flaxseed heaped table spoon
Frozen blueberries a few (as many as you want)
3 pieces frozen banana 
Double blend it to avoid any annoying lumps. I have all my fruit frozen and ready. Its quicker and it keeps it really cold.

STIL: Can you share with us a typical evening in the Rothschild household?

LVR: We are so boring! I am actually embarrassed to tell you! We wake up so early (5 or 6am) because of the dogs, which means that we go to bed around 8.30 pm! I'm not joking! We get into bed around 8, I'll read for half an hour and Nat will read the English morning papers on his iPad and by 9pm we are both sound asleep. People have stopped inviting us out for dinner as a result.

STIL: May I ask what book is currently on your bedside table?

LVR: A book called The Executor by Blake Morrison.

STIL: I’m sure our readers would be curious about your daily exercise routine. Is there a particular activity that you use to keep fit? 

LVR: I love resistance bands because they are so easy to travel with. I have a trainer in L.A. called Skye who is truly incredible. I used to be rather scared of working out but she makes it simple and safe in a way that I didn't think exercise could be. Now I really enjoy it. I don't do much running or anything like that but I do enjoy strength work.

STIL: You introduced STIL to Clare V bags and accessories. What is it that you appreciate about the label - apart from the glamour of a monogram!

LVR: I think that she has a way of giving the bags character and I love that they are all hand-made here in L.A. They are also very easy to pack when travelling as some styles lie completely flat and yes, anything that can be monogrammed always goes down well with me!

STIL: What are your thoughts on health and happiness?

LVR: Appreciate it!

STIL: Would you have a Loretta Rothschild style tip for Stil customers?

LVR: Figure out what suits you and stick to it. I know that I don't suit boat necks or dresses that fall to just below the knee. Somehow they just don't look right. Dresses on me have to be maxi or mini, I can't do in between. A crop trouser or jean always works well on me so I am always drawn to those when I shop. I also always have a plan when I go shopping, so I will look for certain pieces that I need as opposed to buying things that I just won't wear. It took a while but I think I have got it just about down now.

Effortlessly chic and gloriously pretty, Loretta is thoughtful, intelligent and delightfully quirky –  an enchanting afternoon.