At STIL we offer investment dressing. We believe that by buying fewer pieces per season from labels that have sustainability at the forefront, and that offer excellent quality, they will last longer and you will need fewer pieces. Buying a few high-quality items per season, rather than many cheaper, less eco-friendly pieces will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. It's better to save up, invest in key pieces for your wardrobe and buy less.

At STIL are always looking and striving for progressive ways to imporove our sustainability and responsibility. From the brands that we choose - their integrity and eco-credentials to the packaging solutions for our online deliveries. All of our boxes are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Our Pre-owned store is new and growing all the time thus encouraging our customers to re-use and recycle. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions to reduce our environmental footprint now and in the future.

Our Pre-owned edit is in it's infancy and we hope it will encourage our customers to recycle items they no longer wear.