Our 2023 Charity Initiative
The Harris Academy Primary School Peckham
I recently learnt that there is a primary school in Peckham, the Harris Academy, where 80% of the children that attend are homeless. The children live in hostels or some other form of temporary accomodation.So this year we are giving our archive sale stock - clothing and product, to the mothers of these children who have perhaps not had the fortune to have been born into a loving family or an affluent or financially stable family - the majority have not had any advantages whatsoever in life. That's a difficult place to start from.Next week before the school breaks for Christmas these mothers will be able to help themselves from the collection of clothing and products which have been packed and sent to the school.If you would like to donate a contribution financially to the school, however tiny the link is below. The children receive free lunches and uniforms so anything at all will be greatly received. I cannot imagine the challenge of being homeless with children and find the reality of this situation difficult to take on board, so please join us if you can by helping in this very small way ( really it does not matter how small the donation, it all adds up ).  5 minutes to spare & £5?! Please, click on the link below!