Every day without fail I start my day with this smoothie. The ingredients may change slightly depending on what I have in the kitchen but it always includes Ancient + Brave's Vegan Collagyn. You can use their Pure Bovine Collagen if you prefer. I use water but you could also use Almond milk. 

1 Banana & half an avocado, this make it nice and creamy

1 orange

1 apple

A squeeze of lemon

1 cup of mineral water or Almond milk

1 small piece of fresh ginger & a small piece of fresh tumeric

1 heaped table spoon of Ancient + Brave's Vegan Collagyn or Pure Collagen

( this promotes glowing skin, helps to maintain gut health and provides key nutrients)

1 teaspoon of Ancient + Brave's True MCT Oil ( for energy and concentration )

( MCT Oil - read the instructions and stick to the daily allowance )

Simply put all the ingredients into a nutri-bullet or similar and mix. Pour into a glass and enjoy. Sometimes I use less water and eat it out of a bowl sprinkled with flaxseed and ground almonds. A delicious and healthy breakfast.