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 Found growing abundantly in arid landscapes across California and Northern Mexico, this sacred herb, Yerba Santa is a low, shrubby evergreen plant recognised by Native California tribes, who for centries have gathered Yerba Santa for its medicinal properties.

As with White Sage, this smudge stick can be burned as a protective measure, supporting healing ceremonies, or it can be given as an altar offering. One can also brew it's sticky leaves to treat respiratory ailments or add to a poultice for sore muscles.

 100% natural,  the Yerba Santa smudge can create an uplifting deeply herbaceous, almost medicinal scent. It is long said to protect and purify your surroundings and your home.

-100% natural Yerba Santa

-Gathered by hand by Native American tribes in USA

-Approx 11 x 2.5 cm

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