SUSANNE KAUFMANN Bath Oil Trio Set 3 x 30ml Sold Out



This special edition collection of three luxurious and natural bath oils make an ideal gift. Each oil provides up to 3 baths in which to indulgrntly relax. Containing Oil Bath Winter, Witch Hazel Bath and Oil Bath for the Senses, this little kit is a Winter essential.

3 x 30ml

-Oil Bath Winter combines Cinnamon, Clove and Orange oils to help protect your skin during the colder months.

-Oil Bath for the Senses contains the finest aromatherapeutic essential oils to allieviate stress and protect the skin.

-The Witch Hazel Bath helps the skin to regain it's natural balance and is particularly nourishing to those with dry skin.

-Directions: add a capful to a warm running bath and enjoy

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