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SKANDINAVISK Skog - Forest Scented Candle 190g - STIL Lifestyle

SKANDINAVISK Skog - Forest Scented Candle 190g

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Boreal forests stretch from the far south of Scandinavia to the Arctic Circle. Spruce and pine needles, musk, aged leather and woodland lily of the valley remind you of early misty mornings in Norway and Sweden. 

The candle will scent a mid-sized room for up to 45 hours, and the painted glass votive glows colorfully when lit. When the candle is finished, wash and re-use the glass votive and add a tealight. Skandinavisk candles make for generous and unique gifting.

-Ingredients and information:


-Burn time 45 minutes

-A natural blend of sustainably-sourced vegetable waxes and perfume

-7.3 x 8.9cm