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PURSOMA Minerals De Mer Bath Soak 113g
PURSOMA Minerals De Mer Bath Soak 113g - STIL Lifestyle

PURSOMA Minerals De Mer Bath Soak 113g

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Made from a combination of pure, raw, vegan ingredients, this bath soak aids the detoxification of the body using the sea’s natural restorative minerals whilst it nourishes and revitalises your skin. The detoxifying ingredients help to lessen the impact of environmental stress and toxicity such as cell phone use, laptops and pollution.

A unique and thoughtful gift.

-Ingredients and directions:

-Hand-harvested French grey sea salt, green algae, wild- harvested seaweed.


-Add the entire contents to a warm bath, swirl with your hand until dissolved. Immerse your body for up 20/ 30 minutes keeping the water at a consistent temperature. Relax.  Do not rinse – amazingly algae can remain active for up to 12 hours. Wrap yourself in a towel and rest  for a further 15-30 minutes while the algae continues to purify. For optimum results try and use this soak once to twice a week.