NOT JUST A* In The Raw Konjac Sponge


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The Konjac root has been used in Asia for centuries as it is so naturally. Delivering vitamins A, B, C, D and E, proteins, iron, and magnesium.

Beauty and skincare experts including Meghan Markle's facialist Charlotte Connoley use konjac sponges to buff, polish and cleanse their clients' skin.  The vegetable extract is one of the most gentle and eco-friendly ways of removing impurities daily.

Not Just A* Sponge's In The Raw version is pure konjac - it will smooth, soothe, buff and calm even the most sensitive complexions.

-Free from chemicals, parabens, fragrances and SLS

-Vegan and biodegradable

-Naturally removes make-up and daily dirt


-Soak the sponge in warm water to soften it for 10/15 minutes on first use, it will harden when it dries - hang it from the shower or a hook to keep it fresh. Before each use simply wet the sponge thoroughly, gently clean your face then rinse the sponge.

-100% natural konjac
-Be gentle when squeezing the sponge due to it's delicate plant fibre
-Don't leave the sponge in the bath or shower as it may dissolve

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