LINDA ROSS EXCLUSIVE - The Cleanser 140ml



The Cleanser from LINDA ROSS - Beverly Hills. According to Linda, the first step to truly healthy skin is proper cleansing. This luxurious formula, enriched with Kelp, is a gentle foaming cleanser and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive. The pH level of the skin is protected due to the natural ingredients and skin is left deeply cleansed and hydrated.


-Directions: Dampen the skin with water before applying. Squeeze a small amount of Cleanser into the palm of your hands and add a little more water to it. Then, using both hands, gently work the Cleanser into a foam. Rinse the face and neck until the cleanser has been completely removed. It can be used to remove all makeup except for water proof mascara. Use morning and evening.

-Ingredients: Water, Kelp, Potassium Sorbate, Propylparaben ( trace ) Chloroxylenol, FD&C Red #40, Yellow #5, Blue#1, Hypromellose, Cal-A, White Amid Bark.

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