ANCIENT + BRAVE Coffee and Collagen 250g


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This finely ground organic Brazilian coffee has a distinctive and smooth nutty flavour with hints of chocolate cherry. Rich in antioxidants and nutrient dense, this high performance, high protein blend contains a generous amount of adaptogenic Siberian ginseng combined with nourishing grass fed collagen, roasted dandelion root, citrus rich baobab and subtly sweet raw cacao. Ancient + Brave combines expertise in functional nutrition and medical herbalism creating potent, nutrient rich blends to upgrade your health and activate your potential. The blends deliver targeted health benefits that may enhance body, brain and beauty.

-Directions and ingredients:

-Organic coffee, bovine collagen, organic baobab, organic Siberian ginseng, organic raw cacao, organic roasted dandelion.

- Simply put 2 to 4 scoops in a French press (cafetiere) and add 250ml of freshly boiled water. Leave for five minutes depending on strength required, and enjoy.

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