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AMLY Digital Detox Face Mist 100ml - STIL Lifestyle

AMLY Digital Detox Face Mist 100ml

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A re-energising and protective mineral-rich Face Mist. Helping to combat the energy-zapping effects of today's digital, environmental and cosmic pollution.

Made in Sussex with naturally silver-rich spring water, this natural mist protects skin cells whilst promoting balance and clarity of mind.

Cumulative exposure to light and electromagnetic fields emitted from computers and mobile devices can drain our energy levels and cause ‘screen dermatitis’ a  dryness and irritation of skin and eyes.

With a refreshing and delicate floral scent, this facial mist’ is indispensable when flying, at work and  of course especially when using computers and mobile devices.

-Suitable for all skin types.

-Spray generously to face

-100% natural