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Last year in our interview with  Loretta Victoria Rothschild we touched on beauty and she let us into one of the secrets to her flawless skin; Linda  Ross. In launching Linda Ross products  exclusively at  STIL Lifestyle we caught up with Loretta to discuss the brand in more detail.
STIL: Can you talk us through your daily skincare routine, both morning and night?
LVR: So I cleanse in the bath with my LR cleanser followed by the Microderm Scrub for about a minute. I didn’t realise you need to scrub for a good minute before, so I do that now every other day.
STIL: If you were stranded on a desert Island and could choose just one Linda Ross product - which would it be?
LVR: If I couldn't have Linda herself...without a doubt the Anti Aging Cream for sure. One of the things I love about Linda Ross is that it doesn't involve 40 products! Your day cream is your night cream which is also your eye cream.
STIL: You are a mine of information when it comes to beauty, can you share with us what makes Linda Ross and her products products so special?
LVR: The first facial I had I knew I had found gold. She did the Colostrum Mask on me and she dries it REALLY tight with a hair dryer. It made my skin pulsate and when I walked out I looked like I had been on a 4 week holiday. I TRY and get to her twice a month if I can. I don’t let anybody else touch my skin even if I'm travelling. Linda also isn’t shy about her love of extractions. She’s like one of those magnifying mirrors. She can find bumps/white heads on your skin like a ninja.
I took the products home after my first facial and the moment I woke up I knew. For the first time in my adult life my skin didn’t feel dry. I couldn’t wait to put it on again. It has the most wonderful smell and the texture is a dream. I hate creamy sort of gooey textures, I never feel like they are doing anything. This cream is like drinking water. It’s so satisfying. I never realised until I met Linda the huge impact of having someone so wonderful do those really personal and intimate treatments. I am very lucky to be able to have her down the road.
STIL: Few of us will ever get to experience a facial from Linda herself, can you give us a small insight into the experience of having a treatment at Linda Ross?
LVR: It’s proper! To me it’s all the best things that have been learnt  about skincare over the decades rolled into one, done by one of the sweetest and most generous ladies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.
STIL: How often do use use the Colustrom Mask?
LVR: Okay so I love using my Colustrom Mask before a party or going out. I use the sauna normally to get my blood flow going and the colour in my cheeks but if I don’t have time I do a Colustrom Mask. I dry it with a hair dryer the way Linda taught me. I like the feeling of tightness and firmness that it gives.
STIL: Perfect skin also requires a healthy diet, which foods do you value in your daily diet and which do you avoid? 
LVR: Lots of fish. We eat lots of great sushi and I try and cook healthy at home because we have access to such yummy fresh food. But we love food so everything in moderation.
STIL: You love Juicing and Smoothies, can you share with us a favourite recipe?
LVR: I do love a smoothie if I don’t have time to make breakfast. I don’t like smoothies thick, I make them quite runny. I’ve been using the  Beauty Chef's Glow Inner Beauty Powder supplement a lot; a small teaspoon in with my smoothie.
2 cups coconut water (fresh - harmless harvest if possible)
3 chunks frozen pineapple
Açai powder heaped tea spoon
Flaxseed heaped table spoon
Frozen blueberries a few (as many as you want)
3 pieces frozen banana 
1 teaspoon of the Beauty Chef's Inner Glow Powder ( from STIL)
Double blend it to avoid any annoying lumps. I have all my fruit frozen and ready. Its quicker and it keeps it really cold.
STIL: What are your thoughts on being able to buy Linda Ross in the UK now?
LVR: I am so thrilled you have no idea. And I’m actually so happy for England to finally get Linda Ross too! It's about time.
A huge thank you to Loretta for sharing her beauty secrets with us. Natural and ethical are essential to her. She has access to the world's best aestheticians and chooses Linda Ross.  Having been using the products myself for a while now I am totally converted and can easily see why she rates Linda and her products so highly.