Linda Ross is one of the most sought after skin care professionals in Beverly Hills. She has been described as the world’s best aesthetician by many and has been enhancing the faces of LA’s finest for over 20 years. Celebrities, socialites, magazine editors and the likes hold Linda in the highest esteem. Not only are we fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk to Linda but STIL Lifestyle has the honour and the pleasure of becoming the UK’s EXCLUSIVE stockist of Linda Ross products and the only online stockist worldwide. Linda is an incredible woman and she doesn’t just talk the talk; her products are cutting-edge and the results speak for themselves.


STIL: What led you into the beauty industry?

LR: I decided to get involved in the beauty industry because I wanted to become my own boss. Corporate politics and living in fear does not work for me. People use the Baby Boomer's to predict trends and when I started my business, I felt they were uncomfortable with ageing. Nothing shows your age more than your face and I knew I could do it....

STIL: You are one of the most sought after facialists in Beverly Hills. Being as discreet as you are with your client list, how have you become so incredibly successful?

LR: First off, THANK YOU! I believe in always giving 110%. People can tell if your heart is in it. "RESULTS" is the key to building and maintaining our clients; Beverly Hills is the mecca for beauty. If you want to stand out, you must provide better results compared to your competition. From these results, the word spreads.

STIL: Can you talk us through - in a nutshell - your four core products : the Cleanser, the Anti Ageing Cream, the Microderm Scrub, and the Propolis & Royal Jelly Cream.

LR: These 4-Steps are designed to be everything your skin needs to achieve great results. The line is simple to use and effective; Cleanser is to remove dirt/debris from the skin. It's good for all skin types, including sensitive. The MicroDerm Scrub is designed to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. It preps the skin for what is applied afterwards for better product absorption; it reveals brighter looking skin. The Anti-Aging Cream is designed to be your day/night/eye cream in one step, including boosters. This product will change your skin the most, without any kind of acids/stripping agents and it is our number one selling item. It contains rh-Oligopetide-1, which is used by burn hospitals and surgeons to heal wounds. The essential oils are certified organic and of the highest quality. The Propolis and Royal Jelly Cream contains many nutrients for the skin, and creates a protective barrier from harsh elements. It's anti-viral/fungal and great for any kind of skin condition that needs healing (acne, eczema, rosacea, shingles, etc.).

STIL: The Colostrum Mask is an essential for your clients, what makes it so special?

LR: Colostrum is amazing to take internally too! The Colostrum Mask is an all natural anti-aging secret that is starting to catch on. It contains Natural Growth Factors, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and powerful immune factors that can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. It gives the skin a glow and is also extremely healing on any kind of skin condition. This mask is so gentle, it can be used on brides, or clients, before going to big award shows.

STIL: You have created skincare products for several large companies, how did your own skincare line come about?

LR: Many, many, years ago I worked as an Independent Sales Representative for a skin care line. In order to sell products, you must understand ingredients and how they work on the skin. What are the short and long terms effects of using any ingredient? Working with the top hotel's in the U.S. (Peninsula Beverly Hills & New York, Four Seasons, Scottsdale, Kona & Lani, and The Spa at Pebble Beach amongst others), you learn what the technicians like, along with the corporations and most importantly, what the clients like. After 14 years of educating myself from the above and also working on my clients in Beverly Hills, it's a wealth of information. It was combining all of that and putting my heart and soul into this line; only then did I feel comfortable putting my name on it.

STIL: Your products are hand-crafted in micro-batches; can you talk us through the process in layman’s terms?

LR: Mico-Batches means that they are made in small quantities. These hand-crafted atelier batches ensure the quality of our products, because nothing sits in a warehouse for a long period of time. It is time and labour intensive.

 STIL: Can you describe for us your own daily beauty and wellness routine?

LR: Yes! It's the 4-Steps. The only step I do one time per day is the Scrub (because my skin can handle it, not recommended for the public). Every morning, my routine of applying to last two steps (Anti-Aging Cream and PR Cream) is, laying down on my bathroom floor, on top of a towel and massaging these creams into my skin for 5 minutes. The last few years, I've been massaging my ear lobes and wish I would have started years ago, because they age too. At night, I wash my face with the Cleanser and apply the last two steps as described above.

STIL: Do you have a mentor, or someone who inspires you?

LR: I am inspired by people who want to help people, and by people who want to preserve our planet, allowing animals (and indigenous cultures) the freedom to continue their lifestyles. If I can do any part of helping us "ALL" live in harmony with each other, it makes me feel good. There are so many positive people in my life, who I get to watch and learn from. While there are many incredible role models, I'm lucky to ask people I admire and respect, questions. Being able to hear their opinions and thoughts is a blessing. I also work daily, to trust God and not worry about things. 

STIL: Your products are stocked in a small selection of elite spas in the US, including the Ritz-Carlton and the Belmond Group; why is it so important to you to keep Linda Ross products so exclusive?

LR: It's important because we want to build partnerships, creating win-win situations for all. We don't sell online in the U.S., but instead through the elite spa's we partner with. This allows these spa's to have something so exclusive, you literally cannot get it anywhere, except through them. We must believe in our products and the results achieved, to limit how we sell them. Our relationships with these spa's are valued. Our goal is to grow their revenue, in services and retail sales, versus competing directly against them. Developing these kind of business relationships and truly partnering with these elite spa properties, is a win-win for all.

STIL: STIL Lifestyle is now your exclusive UK stockist, and the only online stockist worldwide; what made you decide that STIL Lifestyle would be a compatible retail partner?

LR: I am very fortunate to have Loretta Rothschild as a client and have earned her trust. Look at the door she has opened. When these kinds of opportunities are presented and you trust the people in your life, it just feels right. We are really excited to work with you and it's our goal to give your clients such great results that they will want more; thus creating a win-win situation for all.

STIL: A proportion of the profits from product sales goes to select animal charities; where does your passion for animals come from?

LR: I've always gravitated towards animals, since I was a child; wanting to play with them, learning how to communicate with them, and interact is so much fun (like teaching a dog to play fetch). Most importantly, it's how they trust us. Each animal species personality is so different. They all bring so much joy into my life. The most memorable animal personality was my Pygmy Goat, named Queenie. I've got lots of funny stories about her. I'm touched by their unconditional love. This kind of love fills my heart.

STIL: We’d love to know where you holiday? - And do you get inspiration from your travels?

LR: I love warm water, good food and nice people. A perfect vacation is learning about different cultures, and being able to spend time with the people. An example I will never forget; while exploring islands in Belize, we were walking around a very small island, inhabited by a man named Rene. Small beautiful shells covered the beach and we wanted to take a few back. Because we were on jet ski's, there was nothing to put the shells in. Rene, had "one" plastic bag and insisted we use it. I knew how valuable this plastic bag was to him, and yet he wanted us to have it. It's this kind of exchange and experience which helps me grow, and be more appreciative to all the blessings in my life.

 STIL: Can you share with us what you are reading at the moment?

LR: The True Power of Water, by Masaru Emoto. Everyone should read this book!

STIL: Linda, we were introduced by Loretta Rothschild who is a huge admirer of yours, so when she gave me the Anti Aging Cream to try, I was thrilled. I have been using it now for a month and couldn't be more delighted with the results. My skin is honestly firmer, brighter and I keep getting compliments! You have an outstanding reputation and an exclusive list of celebrity clients; you have reached the top of your profession so what motivates you?

LR: You get joy by helping people feel better about their skin (which I never get tired of) and I'm focused on a bigger picture. I want to grow this company, creating programs in grade schools, and in educating children that all animals have emotions. If children can learn each animal has feelings, it all plays a part in the earths echo system. I hope to make a difference in the world, using my passion for animals.

Thank you Linda Ross; An exceptionally talented and extraordinary lady with a huge passion not only for her work but for the world around her. I feel hugely privileged that our paths have crossed.