Beautiful, successful and still only in their 20's, Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McClosky reached for the moon and actually landed on it! Their modern take on 70's British designs coupled with hand painted prints has made them the undisputable 'go to' label of the moment. So what next for the Queens of eclectic fashion?

STIL: You met at fashion college. Did you immediately hit it off?            

RIXO: Yes! We had such similar interests so it was inevitable - we became friends immediately and used to go to vintage fairs most weekends together whilst we studied - hungover or not we couldn't wait to get hunting!! 

STIL: Do you each have very clearly defined roles within Rixo?
RIXO: At the start no, but now yes, we do have more defined roles and responsibilities. We are so lucky that we have the same creative vision and eye for what we like. Also we are similar in the way we approach business and both really think outside the box! Orlagh leads up the print design and I take over more of the marketing and social media side of the business but we are so close and with each other 24/7 so everything is mostly a joint decision. 
STIL: When you have a difference of opinion which one of you has the final say?!
RIXO: Its really not like that - we both are so passionate and want the best for RIXO that if we ever do disagree we listen to each other's points and then agree. We are more like sisters, we work and live together and have the same social circle so neither of us is more in control or would out rule each other.  
STIL: What have been the biggest challenges you have faced in growing the brand?
RIXO: Every day comes a new challenge - even growing a team and getting the right staff, finding an office, wholesaling the brand internationally - legal issues, VAT etc. There is so much more to running a business that just designing the clothes and Orlagh and I don't have investors so we do everything ourselves. 
STIL: You have plans for Lifestyle additions to RIXO. Can you tell us a little about them and are any of them  imminent?
RIXO: We just want to be able to offer our customer the full look - so little T shirts, jumpers, swimwear, accessories - bags, belts, jewellery. Accessories will be coming soon and we are always evolving so watch this space. 
STIL: You have said that whilst you never intended Rixo to be a print heavy brand your 'brand identity' is in fact in your prints. Will we ever see a plain silk Rixo piece?
RIXO: Yes we in fact have plain pieces in the mix at the moment - but they have a RIXO twist so they will have nice embroidery details on them - hand stitched.

STIL: If a reader could have only one Rixo item which should  it be?
RIXO: Georgia skirt is a key classic - once you have one you will hardly wear your jeans again - so light and easy to put on, you can pair it with a jumper and boots in the winter or in the summer wear it over you bikini.
STIL: You launched in 2015, landing Net-a-Porter as your first account. How do you feel about independents like STIL offering your brand?
RIXO: We have independents that have been with us from day one. They are so important to us - we would never as we grow enforce order minimums onto them and only want to work with stores that we have built a great relationship with and there is mutual respect. 
STIL: You have a large celebrity following including the likes of Kate Moss and Heidi Klum. Is there anyone you would love to dress?
RIXO: In all honesty we love just seeing normal girls in our dresses that have actually parted with there own cash to buy RIXO - its still such a pinch-me moment coming across a stranger on the street in RIXO.
STIL: Has any holiday resulted in a new design idea?
RIXO: Ibiza is always a favourite place to find inspiration and we always head to the flea markets and hippie fairs when we are out there. We find inspiration everywhere - even in our local charity shops we find great things, our eyes are always open! 
STIL: In the rare event that you find yourselves with time to spare, what do you do to relax?
RIXO: Ha - that's not often, I think when you start your own business and grow at the rate RIXO has you really can't have any distractions. We have put our all into RIXO and every spare moment currently goes into building our baby. 
STIL: You live together, you work together. Describe the RIXO household on a typical day from when the alarm sounds....
RIXO: We do - we are more like sisters though. We wake up - walk to work which is only 20 minutes away, its so nice to now have an office - RIXO was set up from our living room for the first two years. 
STIL: And finally, a style tip for STIL Customers?  
RIXO: Don't be afraid - mix and match prints and if in doubt check our website/ Instagram for how we style all the looks up :) 
Orlagh and Henrietta, you are surely an inspiration to young designers everywhere. Thank you so much for your time. I know I speak for the majority of STIL customers when I say that we love your designs with a passion. And whatever comes next for RIXO, we simply cannot wait!