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Solari Travel Shoes by Katherine Solari.

After completing a degree in Neuroscience, Katherine travelled the World. The common theme throughout her travels and endeavours has been her love of people and beautiful things, especially discovering amazing artisan producers, resulting in her picking up stylish, cool and comfortable pieces. 'My favourite things have always been colourful, fun and made of really high quality, breathable, natural fabrics allowing me to feel relaxed and happy so I can be myself.'

Katherine first came across these luxuriousTurkish travel shoes when visiting Gaziantep in South East Turkey, which is home to the Yemeni shoe. Katherine's boyfriend and partner in the business, Ali, is Turkish and Gaziantep is his home city, so he has grown up wearing the shoes and when his life led him to travel, he grew to appreciate the many benefits of the shoes and it was his wish that other nationalities to experience them.

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