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 “Keep it simple. You don't need a ton of products to have great skin.”  Linda Ross, Beverly Hills

We are so proud to be the EXCLUSIVE UK stockist of Linda Ross products and the only online stockist worldwide. Linda Ross is one of the most highly regarded and sought after facialists in Hollywood and her skincare brand is so exclusive, it has only ever been possible to buy it from the small select group of five star Spa's including the Ritz-Carlton - that offer Linda Ross treatments or from Epicore, Linda Ross' clinic in Beverly Hills.

Most skin care brands sell multiple-step products with the promise of attaining the same results that you would get from a visit to the Spa or Salon. Sometimes these companies use stronger products for their treatments than those they offer on their retail shelves. All of the products that are applied in a Linda Ross facial are the same as those available to purchase so clients or customers can achieve the same results at home, and all in 4 simple daily steps.

Linda Ross products are made in small micro-batches so colours may vary depending on the season they are harvested in. The Essential Oils contained in the products are theraputic/medical grade and are certified organic. None of the products contain acids; Linda's approach is natural, the products are healing and work synergistically with your skin. They are never tested on animals and a percentage of all sale proceeds are donated to various animal charities. 

We talk to Linda about the products in our Editorial and we chat to Loretta Rothschild in an exclusive Q&A in Stories.

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