&DAUGHTER Sorcha Boucle Crewneck Slub

£165 £325


& Daughter's bouclé  Sorcha is an classic knit all about celebrating texture. Crafted from 100% British-spun Merino wool with 10% cashmere - Bouclé is the French word for curled or looped, and this means a yarn which is made by wrapping one strand of irregular loose tension loops around a twisted core. This results in an imperfect irregular textured knit offering a luxurious feel. Featuring a slim silhouette, wear the Sorcha for an effortlessly pared back look. 

-Sizing and care: true to size, the Sorcha is a fitted sweater

-Made in Hawick, Scotland by the traditional  process of fully fashioning each piece separately  then linking together by hand.

-90% wool, 10% cashmere

 -Care: Wool has naturally self-cleaning properties and it will keep its shape for longer with the right care. Try airing after each use to avoid unnecessary washing. To ensure that this sweater has a long life, only wash it by hand separately in cool water using an environmentally safe wool or delicates laundry detergent and gentle conditioner. Then dry it flat and out of direct sunlight.

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