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Inspired by traditional African beauty rituals, African Botanics harnesses the skin-replenishing properties the world's most antioxidant rich oil - Marula oil.  Craig and Julia Noik, originally from South Africa, came across Marula on their travels through their native country. Julia, having recently given birth, was amazed by the use of the oil on her post-pregnancy skin.  So impressed were the couple that they persuaded a South African laboratory to analyse its properties and were truly astounded by the findings. Marula oil has a highly potent antioxidant stability and stars 78% omega 9 to fortify skin’s fabric,  protect against ageing effects of free radicals and reverse signs of damage. Marula oil is core to this exquisite range of both face and body products. All ingredients are sustainably sourced from South Africa’s Fynbos region, a remote utopia of antioxidant-rich plants and natural resources. African botanicals are renowned for their healing, therapeutic and nourishing qualities.

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